Ludmilla Radchenko

Giulio Ceppi

Setsu Ito

A TV Series / Documentary / Design / Coming Soon!


:Italics are Italians, in Italy or in the world, the descendants of Italians, Italophones and all those who, even without having a drop of Italian blood, have embraced values and lifestyles shared.

The name of the Brand is “ITALICS creative” which symbolizes the Italian/Italic Collective in the World.

Italy is World renowned for its design, style and lifestyle.
“Made in Italy” has great significance, we get to the core; “Made by Italics”.

We follow 3 creative Italics in Milan, Italy, for 7 episodes (1 series)
Each episode has a theme, such as “Tools”, where we go in depth within the topic.
  The audience gets a closer look at who they are as they reveal how they live, what they eat, what is important to them; we get an intimate impression of the creative Italics.